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Business and Government Historic District
Baltimore's Business and Government Historic District illustrates the economic, commercial and physical growth of the city from the last half of the 19th century through the mid-20th century. The district encompasses one of the oldest areas of the city dating from the early 18th century, Baltimore Town, as planned in 1729 and a large section of the region destroyed during the Great Fire of 1904. The Business and Government Historic District contains the largest early 20th-century commercial enclave of buildings in the downtown area. Just west of the district is the modern Charles Center renewal area and to the south is Baltimore's Inner Harbor. The area is urban in character: many buildings occupy entire blocks with little or no setback. The most important government and commercial buildings are or were located within the boundaries of the present-day historic district. Baltimore City Hall (George Frederick, 1867-75) is an early example of French Renaissance Revival construction in America. It is an imposing structure consisting of a center section surmounted by a dome and flanked by symmetrical wings. In 1975, City Hall was completely restored to its former glory including the dome and formal hearing rooms. There are many architectural styles and building types represented in this historic district: vernacular commercial buildings, Romanesque Revival offices, and late 19th century cast-iron warehouses. Also of note is the Baltimore City Courthouse (Wyatt and Nolting, 1896).

The Business and Government Historic District is bounded by Park Ave., Orleans St., Lombard St., and Gay St.

[photo-the Business and Government Historic District]
The Business and Government Historic District
Photos by Shannon Bell
, National Register of Historic Places[photo-the Business and Government Historic District]


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