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    National Park of American Samoa

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The Tutuila Unit

Tutuila shoreline within the national park.
Tutuila shoreline within the park between Pola Islands and Afono Bay.
NPS Photo by Tavita Togai.
On Tutuila, the park covers the north-central part of the island from the steep ridge above Pago Pago Harbor to the northern coast. From the road to Fagasa one can hike to the top of the 1,610-foot Mount Alava and have sweeping views of the harbor, Rainmaker Mountain, and the north coastline. A roadway to the village of Vatia crosses Afono Pass and has many fine views. Approaching Vatia are excellent views of Pola Island. Along the way the road crosses Amalau Valley, home of many native birds and flying fox.

Did You Know?

Lobster, shrimp, fish, and breadfruit—a sumptuous meal of local village subsistence resources

The national park allows subsistence fishing and farming to Samoans (the parklands are theirs. The park land is leased from the villages). This lavish example of a village celebratory feast came from local reef waters.