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The National Park of American Samoa was established on October 31, 1988 (PL 100-571). The park has units on three tropical islands (Tutuila, Ta’ū, and Ofu) in the Territory of American Samoa, located in the South Pacific Ocean. Because the park could not purchase traditional communal land, it was not until 1993 that the park signed a 50-year lease agreement with eight participating villages. Congress approved an expansion of the park on neighboring Olosega Island in 2002 that incorporates two additional villages.

This press kit is designed to assist journalists and others with general park information, statistics and other background materials about the National Park of American Samoa. High resolution digital images are available for public us. Please contact the Interpretation and Education Office at 684-633-7082 for assistance obtaining images. Public domain images are available on our Facebook site.

Did You Know?

Pacific golden plover in breeding plumage—soon to be flying 5,500 miles to the Alaskan Arctic

During northern summers, three shorebirds--plover, turnstone, and tattler--nest in Alaska and northern Canada. After nesting, they fly non-stop over 3,000 miles of open ocean to Hawaii. After briefly resting there, they continue another 2,500 miles to American Samoa. The round-trip journey each year is 11,000 miles!