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    National Park of American Samoa

    American Samoa

Laws & Policies

First page of Public Law 100-571.

Relevant Laws
Public Law
100-571 -- October 31, 1988 (established the park), and Public Law 107-336 -- December 16, 2002 (expanded the park); view as a pdf file.

National Park Service Management Policies

The Lease to Obtain Lands for the Park
Early attempts to establish a national park in American Samoa failed when there seemed no way for the government to acquire traditionally owned village lands for a public park. Decades later the High Court of American Samoa and the U.S. Congress developed a compromise allowing lease of the necessary lands for this park. The lease agreement colors many of the visitor and park management practices that can occur within the park. View the lease agreement as a pdf file.

Did You Know?

View out through the Tutuila Island rainforest toward the north shore’s rugged coastline.

The islands tropical rainforests extend from the mountain summits to the ocean shorelines.