• Fa'asamoa

    National Park of American Samoa

    American Samoa


Coral and fishes
The park waters are clear and warm with a diversity of coral and fish populations. View the list of Corals (many are illustrated). Over 250 coral species occur in the territory, representing about one third of all coral species found throughout the Indo-Pacific region. Dominant genera are Montipora and Porites, followed by Pavona, Pocillopora, Psammocora and Acropora.
Coral and fishes
Most park waters have fringing coral reefs. The reefs typically have a reef flat or shallow backreef moat, a reef crest (often emergent at low tide), surge zone (with spur and groove formation on the south-west windward side) and a sharp reef front dropping 5-10 m to a reef terrace and gradually descending to deep water.

Safety Caution: The channels, or ava, draining tide or surge buildup from the park's lagoons carry very strong rip currents. Beware of these areas.

Did You Know?

Underwater close up of a green sea turtle swimming

In Samoan folklore, sea turtles were believed to have the power to save fishermen lost at sea by bringing them safely to shore. The Samoan word for sea turtle, “I'a sa,” translates literally to “sacred fish,” presumably because of this ability. Sadly, sea turtles here are now endangered.