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    National Parks of New York Harbor

    New York

Fees & Reservations

Possible fees vary by destination. Please also check with each destination for special programs or events that may charge a fee or require a reservation.

African Burial Ground Free
Castle Clinton National Monument Free
Federal Hall National Memorial Free
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site Free
General Grant National Memorial Free
Hamilton Grange National MemorialFree
St. Paul's Church National HistoricSite Free

Lower East Side Tenement Museum There is a fee for admission and reservations are required for tours. Please check the website for further information.

Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Free, but there is a charge for the ferry to the park. Additionally, a special ticket is required to visit the museum inside the base of the Statue of Liberty or to visit the crown. Crown tickets are strictly limited and are sold on a first-come first-served basis. Visit www.statuecruises.com for further information.

Gateway National Recreation Area Free, but there may be fees for parking, depending on the site and season.

Governors Island National Monument Free. Governors Island is only open during the summer and for special events. Check the park's website for a calendar and additional information.

Did You Know?

George Washington was inaugurated as the first President of the United States on the site of Federal Hall National Memorial

Federal Hall National Memorial stands on the site of George Washington's inauguration. Located on Wall Street, across from the New York Stock Exchange, Federal Hall is one of 23 unique destinations included within the National Parks of New York Harbor. More...