Ten national parks to enjoy in New York Harbor

The Statue of Liberty, miles of beaches, Revolutionary times, birdwatching, Ellis Island, historic forts, vintage aircraft, a crowded tenement, a wildlife refuge, the birthplace of the Bill of Rights, kayaking, a rediscovered African cemetery, a general's tomb. That's what 12 million visitors discover each year as they explore 22 destinations within the National Parks of New York Harbor. Join us.


Statue of Liberty National Monument during its centennial celebration in 1986

"Give me your tired, your poor..."

The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island Immigration Museum. You have heard of them all your life, but have you ever seen them in person? It's time.

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Hamilton Grange National Memorial was moved to its current location in 2008. Photo by J. Ladd.

Hamilton: Founding father, Harlem resident

A tour of Hamilton Grange, Alexander Hamilton's 'sweet project,' explores the life and legacy of this brilliant and complicated Founding Father.

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Statue of George Washington in front of Federal Hall National Memorial

When New York was our nation's capitol

George Washington first took the oath of office as president at 26 Wall Street. Congress met here as well, passing the Bill of Rights.

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A detail of Fort Jay, part of Governors Island National Memorial

Governors Island: former Army fort opens to all

Governors Island National Memorial, which includes Fort Jay and Castle Williams, preserves the island's past role in protecting New York Harbor.

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The outdoor memorial at African Burial Ground National Monument

A final resting place for Africans, rediscovered

The 17th-century African Burial Ground was rediscovered in 1991. See the visitor center, with airport-style security, and an elegant outdoor memorial.

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Spermaceti Cove Life-Saving Station at Sandy Hook Unit leads to the Old Dune Trail.

Your Gateway to recreation, respite, renewal

Gateway National Recreation Area offers nature, history and recreation in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and in Sandy Hook, New Jersey (above).

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St. Paul's Church National Historic Site

A church caught in the middle of a Revolution

St. Paul's Church was caught in the "no man's land" between the British Army and the Continental Army during the American Revolution.

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General Grant National Memorial, commonly known as Grant's Tomb

General Grant National Memorial, or "Grant's Tomb"

General Grant National Memorial is not only the tomb of Ulysses S. Grant and his wife Julia but also a memorial to Grant's life and accomplishments.

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An aerial view of Castle Clinton National Memorial

A "Castle" that once greeted New York's immigrants

As a fort, theater, immigration station, aquarium and now as a national park, Castle Clinton National Monument changed with the needs of the nation.

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