We maintain a set of tools that are custom-built to address the National Park Service's web mapping needs. This toolset evolves as new technologies are integrated and old technologies are phased out.

We know these tools work because we use them everyday in our own projects. They help us build accessible, usable, and stable maps that fit into the rich graphic tradition of the National Park Service. They also help ensure longevity for our maps, as building maps with a set of consistent and tried-and-tested tools means we aren't building one-offs that require individual attention and maintenance. Because of this, maps built with our tools today will continue to improve as our toolset improves.

Anyone in the National Park Service can use our tools. They support a wide variety of platforms and technologies, and are extremely flexible and powerful. If you are new to web maping, you'll probably want to get started with the NPMap Builder. It wraps our standalone tools in a graphical interface that walks you through the process of building and deploying a web map step-by-step. If, however, you are a developer or are more technically-inclined, you can use our tools individually to jumpstart your project.

NPMap Builder

Build and deploy engaging maps.

Walk through the process of building a map with the entire NPMap toolset step-by-step - no coding required!

Build a Map

Other tools


Contribute your knowledge.

Maintain core data for your park and help improve the National Park Service's digital products.

Learn More


Add custom functionality to your map.

With the elegant Leaflet library at its core, NPMap.js is a solid foundation for your maps.

Customize Your Map

Park Tiles

Start with a basemap.

Both beautiful and flexible, the Park Tiles suite of basemap is designed to fit into the National Park Service's graphic identity.

View Park Tiles


Structure and style your app.

A simple and intuitive framework to jumpstart your frontend development.

Structure Your App

Symbol Library

Add context to your map.

A web-friendly version of the National Park Service's iconic symbol set.

View Icons