Crater Lake National Park


Digital maps for the National Park Service


This section contains some tutorials to help you get started working with NPMap. These tutorials don't cover many advanced or custom use cases, but they should be enough to point you in the right direction.

We suggest walking through each of them in order, from beginner to advanced.


  1. Planning a web map
  2. Setting up a development environment
  3. Creating an HTML page
  4. Creating a web map
  5. Customizing your web map's tools
  6. Adding a module to your web map:
  7. Edit
  8. Route
  9. Working with base layers and layers:
  10. Utilizing the default base layers
  11. Adding an ArcGisServerRest layer
  12. Adding a CartoDb layer
  13. Adding a GeoJson layer
  14. Adding a GoogleFusion layer
  15. Adding a Json layer
  16. Adding a KML layer
  17. Adding a Tiled layer
  18. Adding a TileStream layer
  19. Adding an XML layer
  20. Adding a Zoomify layer


  1. Customizing InfoBox behavior
  2. Customizing the display of identify results
  3. Playing with the NPMap API


  1. Hooking up to NPMap's preinit and init events
  2. Adding custom functionality to your web map
  3. Extending the NPMap library


  1. Using SPOT with NPMap
  2. Using Park Tiles