Crater Lake National Park


Digital maps for the National Park Service

Geocoding and Routing

Users of the NPMap library are responsible for ensuring they are in compliance with the terms of service for whichever base API(s) and base map/geocoding/routing services they consume in their map.

NPMap uses geocoding and/or routing services from different providers, depending on which base API your map is using. This is due to licensing constraints associated with some of the commercial base APIs that NPMap supports. The list below lays out the current licensing status and level of support for each of the geocoding/routing services supported by NPMap.

This list changes as new projects fund access to new services and support for new providers is added to the library, so please check back here regularly to ensure compliance with current NPS policies. You can also subscribe to our blog's feed or our mailing list to keep up-to-date.

Source Available to NPS Base API Support
Internal Public bing esri leaflet modestmaps
Bing X X
Esri X X X
MapQuest* X X X X

* MapQuest's services include commercial geocoding and routing AND geocoding and routing based on OpenStreetMap: the Nominatim and Open Directions services.