Places Webinar

27 AUG 2015 | Chad Lawlis

Chad put on a webinar about Places for the NPS web community. Read more about it on the announcement blog post.

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Places Data Call

14 AUG 2015 | Nate Irwin

Nate and three of the National Park Service's regional GIS coordinators put on a webinar about the Places data call for the NPS GIS community.

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How the National Park Service Uses CartoDB

1 JUL 2015 | Nate Irwin

Nate gave a short talk on how the National Park Service uses CartoDB in its Places system on a DigitalGov seminar, Harness the Power of Location Data in Government with CartoDB.

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Building Maps for Everyone: Experiences from the National Park Service

20 MAR 2015 | Mamata Akella

Mamata was invited as the Yi-Fu Lecture Series speaker at University of Wisconsin-Madison.

NPMap's goal is simple: empower Park Service employees to tell stories through digital media that can be shared with visitors of National Parks – and make it easy. This talk will cover, through example, exactly what it means to build digital products that can be used by every visitor of a National Park and how NPMap’s toolset is enabling the Park Service to more easily do so.

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Winter 2015 Status Update

27 FEB 2015 | Nate Irwin

Nate gave a Winter 2015 status update on NPMap's toolset and projects to a group within the National Park Service.

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Web Council Call

7 JAN 2015 | Nate Irwin

Nate gave a sneak peek of Places and talked about how it fits into the larger NPS Centennial "structured data" project on the January Web Council call.

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Alaska Region Webapalooza

5 DEC 2014 | Nate Irwin

Nate presented on Places and the larger "structured data" initiatives for the Alaska Region's Webapalooza.

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Building Digital Maps for the National Park Service

10 OCT 2014 | Mamata Akella

Mamata presented the NPMap toolset at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) annual meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

The NPMap team has built a flexible geospatial platform on top of a number of open source software projects, including PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Node.js, Mapbox, CartoDB, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet, Twitter Bootstrap, and Maki. This platform eliminates the technical hurdles that have traditionally been associated with building digital maps. This talk went into detail about the NPMap team's geospatial platform and how we are enabling Parks to build and maintain their own maps.

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Park Tiles 2.0

8 OCT 2014 | Mamata Akella

Mamata presented on the updated version of Park Tiles during Practical Cartography Day at the North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) annual meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

Using Park Tiles as an example, she walked through our experience building a custom basemap with Mapbox Studio. In addition, she talked about creating a basemap that follows the graphic traditions of printed park maps while also supporting a wide variety of NPS-specific web mapping applications and overlays.

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National Trails Call

16 SEP 2014 | Nate Irwin

Nate presented about the National Trails mapping project on the interagency National Trails call.

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Alaska Regional Web Call

11 SEP 2014 | Nate Irwin

Nate presented about Places (including Mobile and Live), the NPMap Builder, and the National Park Service's Centennial initiatives on the Alaska Regional Web Call.

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Park GIS Call

11 SEP 2014 | Nate Irwin AND Mamata Akella

Nate and Mamata presented about the NPMap toolset during the National Park Service's September Park GIS call.

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Yellowstone Live

1 AUG 2014 | Nate Irwin

Nate presented the new Yellowstone Live system to the Yellowstone National Park leadership group.

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Places and GIS

31 JUL 2014 | Nate Irwin

Nate presented on how the new Places system integrates with and complements the GIS work being done internally by the National Park Service.

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Park Tiles: Customizing OpenStreetMap Cartography and Infrastructure

13 APR 2014 | Mamata Akella and Jim McAndrew

In this presentation, we will give an update on the National Park Service base map, Park Tiles -- discussing the set of next generation tools we are using to build the map and how we are combining National Park Service data with OpenStreetMap data to create a custom cartographic product. We will also cover our Places project which uses OpenStreetMap as a web editing platform. The Places project uses custom versions of the OpenStreetMap API and the iD editor to allow for data interoperability and the use of OpenStreetMap tools.

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Building an Agile, Modern, and Open Geospatial Platform

31 JAN 2014 | Nate Irwin

Nate gave a presentation about the NPMap platform for the American Society for Photogammetry and Remote Sensing.

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Improving OSM Data in Our National Parks

9 JUN 2013 | Mamata Akella

The NPMap team is responsible for coordinating web mapping across the U.S. National Park Service. One of its primary responsibilities is creating customized basemaps and web applications for individual parks. To build these applications the team uses a variety of technology and data including OSM.

In this talk, Mamata will discuss the results of a pilot project with America’s most visited National Park - the Great Smoky Mountains - and efforts to improve park data in OSM and in turn the National Park Service’s own mapping products. With the National Park Services’ adoption of open source tools, data, and basemap services, it has a vested interest in contributing to and improving data in OSM.

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Places of Interest

9 JUN 2013 | Nate Irwin

The NPMap team recently kicked off work on a system called Places of Interest. This system will provide a way for the OSM community to contribute spatial information (structures, campgrounds, trails, waterfalls, etc.) back to the NPS, and streamline the process of getting National Park Service data into OpenStreetMap. Data that’s collected through Places of Interest will be distributed to NPS personnel at parks, certified, and then exported back out to OpenStreetMap. This data will also be used by a variety of the Park Service’s internal and public-facing desktop, web, and mobile applications (including our basemap, Park Tiles).

If done right, Places of Interest will fundamentally change how the National Park Service does data. There are, however, a slew of hurdles to overcome - some technical, some social, and some institutional. This presentation will cover some of these hurdles and also go into detail about how the NPMap team is planning on implementing their ideas. In addition, it will cover why the National Park Service and other federal agencies cannot simply use raw OpenStreetMap data in its products.

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Building Park Tiles

28 FEB 2013 | Mamata Akella

Mamata presented on building Park Tiles at FedGeo Day in Washington, DC.

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27 FEB 2013 | Nate Irwin

Nate talked about OpenStreetMap and the NPS' Places of Interest system on a kickoff call for the POI project.

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Building a National Park Service Base Map

18 OCT 2012 | Mamata Akella

Mamata presented on the Park Tiles project at NACIS 2012 in Portland, Oregon.

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Status of Web Map Licensing

5 Dec 2013 | Nate Irwin

Nate gave a status update on web map licensing for the NPS to the Web Council during their December 2012 call.

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Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

16 Oct 2012 | Nate Irwin

Nate presented on the NPMap team's approach to managing web mapping for the NPS at NACIS 2012's Practical Cartography Day in Portland, Oregon.

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Overview of NPMap

11 APR 2012 | Nate Irwin

Nate gave a high-level overview of the NPMap library at the 2012 FOSS4G North America conference in Washington, DC.

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