Crater Lake National Park


Digital maps for the National Park Service


Check out some examples of maps built with NPMap below.

If you've built a map using the NPMap toolset and would like to share it with others, send us an email with a link, description, and title for the map and we'll post it here.

  • Air Atlas Maps

    A series of web maps that allow visitors to interact with National Park Service air quality data.

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  • Air Quality in Parks

    A simple map that helps visitors navigate to network and park Air Resources Information System (ARIS) web pages.

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  • Blue Ridge Parkway Real-time Road Closures

    A road closure map that shows the current open/closure status of the 469 mile Blue Ridge Parkway. The map is updated by Blue Ridge Parkway staff, and reflects the real-time status of all sections of the parkway.

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  • Denali Sled Dogs

    This map allows you to:

    follow the travels of the Denali sled dogs... In early winter, most reporting points will be along the first fifteen miles of the park road, as the dogs go on short runs to build up their strength, and put in trails for recreational visitors. By mid-winter, you'll start seeing trips extending deeper into the park.

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  • Footsteps of History

    This project will eventually map all of the Union and Confederate troop movements that occured during the different Civil War battles around Richmond, Virginia. The primary goal of the map is to make it easy for visitors to Richmond National Battlefield Park find where specific units were during a particular battle.

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  • Network to Freedom

    A map that shows the location of Network to Freedom sites across the United States that are open to visitation.

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  • Park Maps

    The National Park Service's interactive park maps were recently migrated to the NPMap library. The new maps replace legacy Flash-based maps that did not work on mobile devices.

    You can view a map for any NPS unit by going to the park's web page and clicking on the "View Park Map" link in the left-hand navigation.

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  • Parks with Bears

    A map of National Parks where one or more bear species have been reported.

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  • Plan Your Visit

    The Plan Your Visit map was built as part of the NPS' efforts to celebrate the sesquicentennial of the Civil War. The scope of this map will eventually include other NPS subjects and parks.

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  • Solar Eclipse

    This map shows the path of the annular eclipse that occured on May 20, 2012. From the site:

    ...use the interactive map below to learn how the eclipse will appear from a national park near you.

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  • State Pages

    Maps that were built to support the redesign of the state pages. These maps are intended to demonstrate the breadth of the impact the National Park Service has on communities across the United States.

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  • Travel Itineraries

    The Heritage Education Services program's Travel Itinerary series:

    is produced through an innovative partnership program with the National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers, and various state and local organizations interested in increasing tourism and showcasing their unique historic properties. Working in collaboration with Chambers of Commerce, County Preservation Commissions, and entire cities and municipalities, this series offers historic guides to destinations around the country. Each itinerary highlights different geographic regions or important themes in American history."

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