We partner with groups both within and outside the National Park Service to create digital maps. This gallery highlights some of our recent projects. Each of these projects is built using one or more of our tools.

If you've built a map with our toolset and would like to share it with others, send us an email with a link, description, and title for the map and we will add it to the gallery.

Real-time Road Closures

This map shows the real-time open/close status of the 469 mile Blue Ridge Parkway.

Park staff use a simple online interface to keep the status of sections of the parkway up-to-date. Their changes show up immediately on the map.

Footsteps of History

Follow the movements of Confederate and Union units during the Battle of Beaver Dam Creek that took place on June 26, 1862. This battle was part of the Seven Days Battles campaign, that took part on land that is protected as part of Richmond National Battlefield Park.