• A hiker enjoys the view along the North Country Trail in New York.

    North Country

    National Scenic Trail MI,MN,ND,NY,OH,PA,WI

Fees & Reservations

Reservations and fees may be required for some portions of the trail. This is dependant on the requirements of the local managers of the trail. Please check ahead with the responsible agency or landowner for this information.

fly fishing in the Manistee River
Fisherman on the Manistee River, seen from the North Country National Scenic Trail
National Park Service File Photo

Did You Know?

Picture of Hocking Hills State Park

The North Country National Scenic Trail passes through Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio. The Native Americans name for the river was Hockhocking or "bottle river." because of the bottle-shaped valley of the Hocking River whose formation is due to its one-time blockage by glacial ice.