Current Park Conditions

Current Fire Closures in North Cascades National Park Service Complex

The following closures will remain in effect through the winter of 2015/spring 2016, due to hazards from falling dead trees and other ground hazards resulting from the 2015 wildfires:

  • The burned area within the perimeter of the Goodell Fire with the exception of the State Route 20 corridor, North Cascades Visitor Center and access road.
  • Upper Goodell climber access parking and routes into the Southern Picket Range that include following Goodell Creek.
  • Newhalem Crags climbing area
  • Trapper Lake Outlet approach routes between the Cottonwood area and Trapper Lake.
  • Climbing routes that access or descend the southwest couloir and slopes of Goode Mountain

The following campgrounds are closed until further notice:

  • Goodell Upper and Lower Group campgrounds
  • Newhalem Creek Campground (all loops and associated access trails)
  • Manly Wham Boat Camp on Lake Chelan
The following trails are closed until further notice:

  • All Newhalem Area Trails (Ladder Creek Falls Trail, Linking Trail, Lower Newhalem Creek Trail, River Loop Trail, Rock Shelter Trail, To Know A Tree Trail, and Trail of the Cedars)
  • Newhalem Creek Trail
  • Park Creek Trail between Two Mile Camp and Park Creek Pass
Stay out of burned areas. A burned landscape presents a number of safety hazards that either did not exist prior to the fire or are increased by the effects of the fire. In some cases these hazardous conditions may continue for several years after a fire. Be very aware of your surroundings, follow warning signs, and pay particular attention to potential safety hazards such as unstable terrain, falling or rolling debris, displaced wildlife, burned stump holes and root chambers, hazard trees, and debris flows.

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