• View from Sourdough Mountain Overlook  A view looking down onto Diablo Lake. Photo Credit: NPS/Michael Silverman, 2010.

    North Cascades

    National Park Washington

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  • Lone Mountain Fire - Trail Closures

    The Lone Mountain Fire in North Cascades National Park is approximately 5 mi NW of Stehekin in the Boulder Creek drainage. Boulder Creek and War Creek Trails are closed. Rainbow Loop Trail is in-use as a staging area and closed to public use. More »

  • USFS closes Easy Pass Trail from State Route 20

    Due to fire activity near the trail, the US Forest Service has closed the Easy Pass trail and trailhead on State Route 20. This area has been receiving precipitation. The highway remains open.

Comparative Aerial Photos and Figures

Eight pairs of North Cascades photographs are featured here, with a final figure outlining glacial change on Klawatti Glacier and in the Thunder Creek Valley. Each photographic pair consists of a mid-20th century and an early-21st century photograph taken from approximately the same location. The 1967 and 1958 images were photographed by Austin Post as part of a comprehensive glacier inventory. The corresponding 21st century images were taken by John Scurlock, a local North Cascades pilot and photographer. The comparative photographs clearly show substantial changes in glacier area, and thickness.
Figure 17
Figure 17.  View to the west of Inspiration Glacier in fall 1967 (left, by Post) and in fall 2005 (right, by Scurlock).  Note the ice loss on the North Lobe of Inspiration Glacier.
Figure 18
Figure 18.  View to the west of Silver Glacier in 1958 (left, by Post) and 2006 (right, by Scurlock).  A map made in 1913 shows that the glacier covered the lake.
Figure 19
Figure 19.  View to the south of South Cascade Glacier in 1958 (left, by Post) and 2003 (right, by Scurlock).
Banded Glacier 1960-2008
Figure 20.  Banded Glacier in 1960 (left, by Post) and 2005 (right, by Scurlock).
Figure 21.  Borealis Glacier in 1960 (left, by Post) and 2005 (right, by Scurlock).
Colonial Glacier in 1960 and 2005
Figure 22.  Colonial Glacier in 1960 (left, by Post) and 2005 (right, by Scurlock).
Buckner Glacier comparison
Figure 23.  Buckner Glacier in 1960 (left, by Post) and 2005 (right, by Scurlock).
Forbidden Glacier
Figure 24.  Forbidden Glacier in 1960 (left, by Post) and 2005 (right, by Scurlock).
Figure 20 and 21
Figure 25 - Thunder Creek Watershed and Figure 26 - Klawatti Glacier

Did You Know?

Cascading stream

The North Cascades are well known for the abundant waterfalls that lace the mountains. Two of the best known waterfalls are Gorge Falls between Newhalem and Diablo along State Route 20 and Rainbow Falls in the Stehekin Valley.