• Ice crystals form on ground vegetation


    National Preserve Alaska

Laws & Policies

Park Regulations

The Code of Federal Regulations and the Park Compendium provide a listing of rules and regulations that apply to Noatak National Preserve.

  • 36 CFR parts 1 - 199 pertains to all National Park areas.
  • 36 CFR part 13 pertains to all Alaska National Park areas.
  • Subpart T of 36 CFR part 13 pertains to Special Regulations of Noatak National Preserve.
  • 43 CFR part 36 contains access regulations for Alaska parks.
  • The Park Compendium provides a listing of regulations under the discretionary authority of the superintendent.
  • Other regulations such as Alaska fishing and hunting regulations may also apply.

Did You Know?

Grizzly bear meandering along the shoreline of the Noatak River during fall colors.

The Noatak basin is internationally recognized as a Biosphere Reserve. Under this United Nations scientific program, the area’s ecological and genetic components provide baseline data for measuring changes in ecosystems worldwide.