• Ice crystals form on ground vegetation


    National Preserve Alaska

Foundation Statement

The Noatak National Preserve Foundation Statement is a formal description of the preserve's core mission. It is a foundation to support planning and management of the preserve. The foundation is grounded in the preserve's legislation and from knowledge acquired since the preserve was originally established. It provides a shared understanding of what is most important about the preserve. This Foundation Statement describes the preserve's purpose, significance, fundamental resources and values, primary interpretive themes, and special mandates.

Cover page of the Noatak Foundation Statement
Click on this cover page of the preserve's foundation statement to view a copy of the document.

Did You Know?

Image of salmon cut for drying hang on a wooden rack, exposing the pink-red meat.

The Noatak River is home to 20 fish species, including 4 varieties of salmon, Sheefish, Burbot, Arctic Char, and Northern Pike. Many of these species are an important resource to subsistence users.