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The lists below include links to some of the most frequently requested information about the National Park Service.

General Information Factsheets

General Overview of Information pertaining to the National Park Service. PDF (157 kb)

Site Designations
Listing of all NPS sites and affiliated areas by type and number. PDF (102 kb)

Recent Changes in the National Park System
Listing recent changes in the NPS sites and affiliated areas. PDF (19 kb)

Organizational Chart
General organizational structure of the National Park Service Washington Office. PDF (11 kb)

NPS Anniversaries
Listing of all the national parks with dates of designation. PDF (87 kb)

Most Visited Parks
Shows historical visitation numbers and the most visited parks in the past year. (24 kb)

Resource Links

Budget Information
This site links to Budget related publications, the Green Book, historical budget information, budget systems, and related sites.

Congressional Resources
The NPS legislative program responds to legislative needs of parks, develops legislation, promotes administrative initiatives, and monitors legislative and congressional matters that impact the NPS.

History E-Library
This site provides links to historical documents, websites, books, and a directory of NPS historians.

The library program offers a centralized catalog of materials stored at individual park and regional libraries.

Harpers Ferry Center staff created these digital versions of maps found in official brochures provided to National Park Service visitors. These maps are in the public domain.

National Register Research
Search the National Register of Historic Properties Database, access the download center, and discover more about historic and archeological resources.

NPS Focus - digital library & research station
This site, created by the NPS Office of the Chief Information Officer, offers access to a wide variety of digital images and documents.

Planning, Environment and Public Comment (PEPC)
The National Park Service prepares a variety of planning and environmental documents to help guide resource management. This site contains all of the currently active projects for the National Park Service.

Public Use Statistics
The Public Use Statistics Office coordinates visitor counting protocols System-wide and provides visitation statistics and forecasts.

Science & Research
Find out about park research and challenges, ecosystem studies and interagency efforts. Includes links to Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Units, Research Learning Centers, and more.

Freedom Of Information Act
Access the Electronic Reading Room, locate FOIA officers and learn more about the FOIA process.