America the Beautiful Quarters

If it’s the cha-ching of change or shiny, new things that capture you, check out the America the Beautiful Quarters series.

Similar to the state quarters that captured the country’s imagination from 1999-2008, the United States Mint now honors national parks, forests, and refuges on the “tails side” of our silver George Washingtons. Five new quarters will be released each year for the next decade.

“We think any four of these quarters are worth more than a single dollar,” said Jon Jarvis, National Park Service Director. “For people who love their parks or love collecting, these coins will bring memories of fun times with family and friends and will help everyone remember the importance of preserving America’s special places.”

You can purchase these coins from the United States Mint at

the Everglades quarter

Everglades National Park
December 2014

the Denali quarter

Denali National Park
November 2012