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NPS Contact:
Chuck Barscz

The White Clay
Creek Watershed Association



A Northeast Region Program

Dennis Reidenbach
Regional Director



Management Goals: The following goals were developed by the White Clay Creek Study Task Force:

Photo of a fresh water wetland in the White Clay Creek watershed

  • Improve and conserve water quality and water quantity
  • Conserve open space, woodlands, wetlands and geologic features
  • Protect native plant and animal species
  • Preserve cultural, historical and archaeological sites
  • Enhance outdoor recreation opportunities
  • Encourage environmental education and outreach


Management Approach:

The White Clay Creek study was the first time an entire whatershed was studied for national wild and scenic designation. Traditionally a narrow corridor of land surrounding a river is studied. That kind of approach does not account for the variety of influences beyond the corridor that have profound impacts on river resources, such as non-point sources of pollution.

The White Clay Creek study defined the study area as the entire watershed. A key principle of the administrative framework is that existing institutions and authorities will play the primary roles in the long-term protection of the White Clay Creek watershed.

Municipalities, counties, states and federal agencies, together with private organizations and landowners, will participate in maintaining the high quality of the White Clay Creek watershed. To bind these diverse interests together in common purpose, a permanent committee representing all watershed interests will be covered.


The White Clay Creek Management Plan is available from the White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee's Website




Last Updated:
September 23, 2009