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A Northeast Region Program

Dennis Reidenbach,
Regional Director



Designation: Legislation to designate 67 miles of the lower Delaware River and three tributaries was signed by the President on November 1, 2000.

Photo of the Lower Delaware River part of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Program

Outstanding Resources:

Historical -Vestiges of Colonial America, the American Revolution, and our canal heritage (Delaware Canal and Delaware and Raritan Canal National Historic Landmarks).

Natural -fisheries (Shad, Sturgeon, Striped Bass), wildlife, habitat, Atlantic Flyway

Recreational -two national recreation trails, seven state parks

Scenic -two state scenic highways

Overview: The lower Delaware River possesses a great diversity of significant resources. A high density of population and recreational opportunities combine with a wealth of natural, cultural, and historic features of national significance. The river valley contains habitats that do not occur elsewhere in the region. For example, there are sheer cliffs that rise 400 feet above the river. Southern facing cliffs are desert-like and home to prickly pear cactus. North-facing cliffs exhibit flora and fauna usually found only in arctic-alpine climates. The river itself provides habitat for American shad, striped bass, and river herring. The river is an important component of the Atlantic Flyway, one of four major waterfowl routes in North America. From an historic viewpoint, the river is one of the most significant corridors in the nation. The corridor contains buildings used during Washington's famous crossing, historic navigation canals, Native American and colonial era archaeological sites and mills. Just as important is the magnificent scenery in the river corridor.

River's Designation Inspires Locals: A Partnership Success Story

Lower Delaware River Management Plan

Lower Delaware National Wild and Scenic River Study Report

Lower Delaware River Management Plan - Executive Summary

Last Updated:
July 18, 2008