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The Northeast Region at a Glance

annual economic impact


objects in museum collections


archeological sites



national historic landmarks (2461 nationwide)

cultural landscapes

national natural landmarks

park units (more than 20 percent of all park units in the entire National Park System) 

national heritage areas (49 nationwide)

wild and scenic rivers

states (from Virginia to Maine)

national seashores

national battlefields 

national cemeteries 

international historic site 

international park (The existence of the Roosevelt Campobello International Park is just one of many examples of perhaps the closest and most dynamic relationship of any two nations.)

Headquartered in Philadelphia 
The employees of the regional office represent a wide range of technical fields including; anthropologists, archeologists, architects, archivists, biologists, cartographers, community planners, concessions managers, contract specialist, curators, ecologists, educators, employee development specialists, engineers, environmental protection specialists, facility managers, fire management specialists, geologists, GIS specialists, historians, human resources specialists, hydrologists, interpreters, IT specialists, landscape architects, law enforcement specialists, legislative specialists, natural resource planners, park rangers, partnership experts, and outdoor recreation planners.

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