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From the National Park Service Northeast Region

Mary A. Bomar
Regional Director



The directory of cultural resource professionals that follows is a product of the Northeast Region of the National Park Service. It includes: anthropologists, archeologists, architects, architectural historians, folklorists, grant managers, historians, historical architects, historical landscape architects, historic preservation planners, museum and architectural conservators, curators, registrars, specialists, and technicians, state and deputy state historic preservation officers, federal preservation officers, tribal historic preservation officers, and other cultural resource professionals who work in local, state, federal, or tribal governments in the Northeast. The entries include those working in cultural resource disciplines, programs, and offices from the following thirteen states and the District of Columbia.

District of Columbia
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
Rhode Island
West Virginia

Entries include the agency's name, address, and website and the names, titles, telephone numbers, fax numbers, and e:mail addresses of cultural resource management staff.

The directory lists more than 1,500 archeologists, architects, historians, museum personnel, and other cultural resource specialists and managers belonging to 50 state or local government offices, 78 federal agencies, 4 Tribal Historic Preservation Offices, and 12 other federally recognized Indian tribes in the National Park Service's Northeast Region. Included in this total are 77 National Park Service park units directly served by the Northeast Region, 16 park units in and around Washington, D.C. served by the National Capital Region, and 2 Southeast Region park units (Blue Ridge Parkway and Cumberland Gap) whose borders extend into the Northeast Region at Virginia.

Those of us in the National Park Service involved in this project want to thank all of you who have generously contributed to this directory. Please send any revisions, corrections, deletions, or additions to Linda Seifert , Northeast Regional Office, National Park Service, 200 Chestnut Street, Third Floor, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106.




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