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From the National Park Service in the Northeast

Mary A. Bomar
Regional Director



Midwest Regional Winners
Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin


1st Place Winner

Photo:  Union Station

Union Station
Sunset in front of the Headhouse of St. Louis Union Station, photographed from across the street. The image encompasses the Aloe Plaza fountains.

St. Louis, Missouri
Photographed by Strauss Peyton

Once the largest and busiest railway terminal in the world, the St. Louis union Station today has been reborn and serves as a shopping center and entertainment complex, also housing a 535 room hotel.

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2nd Place Winner

Photo:  Cannelton Cotton Mill

Cannelton Cotton Mill
Built under the direction of New England architect Thomas Tefft, the cotton mill was built in 1849 of 3-foot wide blocks of native sandstone. The twin towers housed a fire escape and a water tower.

Cannelton, Indiana
Photographed by Karen Zimmerman

Once the largest industrial building west of the Alleghenies, this sandstone structure has a unique place in Midwestern history. Workers here produced cloth used by local militia for their Civil War uniforms as well as material for both World Wars. The mill was financed by New Englanders and intended to be the centerpiece of an industrial community that could rival those of New England; it never achieved this goal. Its reuse as an apartment complex has preserved a tall and sturdy representation of our nation's cotton industry.

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3rd Place Winner

Photo:  Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District

Indiana World War Memorial Plaza Historic District
The Shrine Room in the upper level of the Indiana War Memorial Museum is decorated by materials from all over the world. Pillars of Vermont marble surround the 60 square foot room. Light from a Swedish crystal Star of Destiny washes over the large flag hanging above the Altar of Consecration.

Indianapolis, Indiana
Photographed by Karen Zimmerman

This room in the Indiana War memorial Museum is built of materials from all over the world to symbolize the profound truth that the only proper ends of war are peace and unity. It provides a peaceful setting for remembrance of the sacrifices made. The Indiana War memorial Building is located within the Indiana World War memorial Plaza Historic District, a notable example of the "City Beautiful" design movement. Following a national design competition, the plaza design, including the War memorial Building, was executed by the Cleveland firm of Walker and Weeks.

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Honorable Mention

Photo:  Johnson's Island Civil War Prison Cemetry

Johnson's Island Civil War Prison- Cemetery
This photograph illustrates the entrance to the Civil War prison and Cemetery.

Sandusky Bay, Ohio
Photographed by Monnie Ryan

This federal prison was constructed to house 1000 prisoners but held more than 3,000 Confederate prisoners of war during the Civil War. The NHL includes a Confederate cemetery and is supported by the Johnson's Island Committee and the Ohio Division of the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

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