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Explore, Learn, Protect: Be a Junior Ranger

The Junior Ranger program provides opportunities for children
and their families to experience parks in an informal, yet
structured way, through a series of engaging activities. Junior
booklets guide participants through the park and often
lead them to places they would not otherwise see. Each park
creates its own program, so every Junior Ranger experience
is different. Most programs require several hours to complete.

More than 40 national parks in the Northeast Region offer
Junior Ranger programs. Visit the Kids Zone for a list of parks
offering programs and for more information. Many of the Junior
Ranger booklets are available online in the Kids Zone.

WebRangers, the National Park Service’s online junior ranger
program, brings parks to life in homes and schools. Through
more than 50 interactivities, WebRangers has afforded more
than 83,000 children worldwide the opportunity to discover
America’s national parks online. The site encourages young
people to get up, get out into the world around them, to
explore, learn, and protect.





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