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IPM Supplies

Ben Meadows Company (General IPM Equipment)

Forestry Suppliers (Books and IPM tools)

Gardener's Supply (IPM Supplies)

Insects Limited

Gaylord Brothers

University Products

(IPM supplies, phermones, traps)

Peaceful Valley Farm Supply
(IPM Equipment)

Trece Incorporated
(Insect Monitoring Systems)

Great Lakes IPM  
(IPM Products, live insects, traps, pheromones)
10220 Church Rd. NE
Vestaburg, MI  48891
(phone)  517-268-5693
(fax)        517-268-5820

IPM Laboratories
Main Street
Locke, NY  13092-0300
(phone)  315-497-2063
(fax)        315-497-3129


Last Update:
Feb. 3, 2011
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