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Native Pollinators

Discoverlife: Key to Native Bees

The Very Handy Manual: How to Catch and Identify Bees and Manage a Collection (USGS)

Xerces Society Publications about Pollinators

Pollinator-Friendly Parks: How to enhance Parks and Greenspaces for native Pollinator Insects

Making Room for Native Pollinators: How to Create Habitat for Pollinator Insects on Golf Courses

Polinators in Decline-Causes (ESA)

Alternative Pollinators: Native Bees (ATTRA)

Conserving Native Bees on Farmland (MSU)

Stinging Pests


Facts about Stinging Insects (ACAAI)

Tips on Avoiding Insect Stings (ACAAI)

Bee and Wasp Pests (Missouri Extension Service)

Biting and Stinging Insects (Univ. of Florida)


European Fire Ant: A New Invasive Insect in Maine

Myrimica rubra Linnaeus: The European Fire Ant (Florida)

Villains in Vacationland: A Study of the effect of invading European Fire Ants on the Local ecosystems (Maine)


Yellow Jackets (NPS)

Controlling Hornets and Yellow Jackets in and Around Structures (NC Extension Service)

The RESCUE Yellow Jacket Trap (Sterling Pest Control Products)

Yellowjacket   (OSU)


Removing Honeybees from a Structure (NC Extension

Colony Collapse Disorder (USDA-ARS)

Colony Collapse Disorder (Mid-Atlantic Apiculture)

Removing Problem Honeybees (Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension Service)

HoneyBee Biology (PSU)


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Feb. 3, 2011
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