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Museum Pests


Integrated Pest Management: Collections (NDCC)

NPS Museum Handbook: Chapter 5: Biological Infestations

Identify Your Museum Insect Pest (Insect Limited)

Identifying Museum Insect Pest Damage (NPS)

NPS Conservo-O-Grams

Monitoring Insect Pests with Sticky Traps (NPS)

Controlling Insect Pests: Alternatives to Pesticides (NPS)

An Insect Pest Control Procedure: The Freezing Process (NPS)

Insect Monitoring in Museums (WAAC - Western Assoc. Art Conservation)

Insect Traps in Conservations Surveys
IPM for Collections (Northeast Document Conservation Center)

Managing Pests in your Collections

Museum Pests - factsheet (NPS)

Northern States Conservation Center

Eradication of Insect Pests in Museums using Nitrogen (FL)

Identification of Infested Paper, Book, and Textile Formats (Stanford)

Know the signs of Insect Infestation (Stanford)

Bugs are Eating my Family Treasures (Bishop Museum)

Inert Gases in the Control of Museum Insect Pests (Getty Conserv. Institute)

Study of IPM for Libraries and Archives (Unesco)


Black Carpet Beetles Factsheet (PSU)

Carpet Beetle Factsheet (WVU)

Carpet Beetles Factsheet (UC Davis)


Clothes Moth (Cornell)

Clothes Moth (UC Davis)


Cluster and Face flies (Ohio State Univ)


Booklice (Florida)

Booklice (Ohio State Univ)


IPM for Cockroaches (UCONN)

Cockroaches (MO)

Cockroaches (Cornell)

Cockroaches: Management and IPM Actions (SPCP)


Silverfish and Firebrats (EPA)

Silverfish (UMO)

Silverfish Factsheet (NPS)

Silverfish (UCDAVIS)


Emergency Salvage of Moldy books and paper

Mold (Stanford)

Tips on Mold (Univ of Hawaii)

Invasion of the Giant Mold Spore (Solinet)

Mold Outbreak: An Immediate Response (CAN)


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April 21, 2011
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