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A Northeast Region Program

Dennis Reidenbach

Regional Director


ROCK SNOT (Didymosphenia geminata)

Rock Snot Information Sheet (NZ)

Recommendations for Rock Snot Response

Didymo (aka Rock Snot) (NH)


Maine Field Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plants and there Common Native Look Alikes (ME Center)

Vermont ANS Program

Biology and Control of Aquatic Plants (AERF)

National Sea Grant Program

Water Chestnut

Invasive Aquatic Plants: What Every Plant Enthusiast Needs to Know

Nonindigenous Aquatic Species - USGS

A Guide to Selected Invasive Non-Native Aquatic Species in MA

Aquatic Nuisance Species Handbook - MI

Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel

Invasive Aquatic Plants - ME

Invasive (Milfoil) aquatic plants - ME

Invasive Aquatic Plants of Maine

Aquatic Invaders in the So. Gulf of St. Lawrence

Exotic Species Program - NH

MIT Sea Grant - MA

National Ballast Information Clearing House

Protect Your Waters Program

Lake Champlain Basin Program- ANS

Last Update:
Feb. 3, 2011
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