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A Federal Partnership Program
The Challenge Cost Share Program (CCSP) was not funded for FY11 and the program as it has existed is not funded under the proposed FY12 budget either. As soon as any information to the contrary becomes available it will be posted here. If you are just hearing about this partnership program for the first time, the description of the program that follows should answer your questions.

From 1995 to 2010 the CCSP promoted increased participation between neighboring communities and qualified partners in the preservation and improvement of NPS resources. These resources included natural, recreational, cultural, and all other authorized NPS programs and activities - outside and inside park lands - and on national trails, as defined under the National Trails System Act (16 U.S.C. 1241-51). The national CCSP guidelines maximized the Federal share at $30,000, however the Northeast Region placed an award ceiling of $22,000 in order to award more projects. This program required a 50-50 match in non-Federal cash or in-kind services.

The last CCSP call, 2010, netted 35 applicants and the team had to make some tough choices. Fifteen general projects were awarded and one RTCA trails project. Although all project monies were to be obligated for FY10, some projects are extending into subsequent fiscal years; CCSP have a maximum of five (5) years to be completed. Don't hesitate to call Leslie Dietrich (617.223.5433) or email if you need further information.

Check the listing of FY 2009 Projects here.

Reference for Challenge Cost Share Submission -
FY 2010 Guidelines

Reference the listing of national CCSP coordinators and access the Washington site to inquire about your particular interests.

For more information contact:

Leslie Dietrich


National Challenge Cost Share Program

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