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From the Ice Age to the Cold War, the story of North America is written as much in the earth as it is on paper. From the first hunting and gathering people on the continent over 12,000 yeas ago to the development of the Northeast’s major urban centers, all left unequaled physical testimony to the reality of other eras. The Federal Archeology Program is a partnership involving over 40 agencies with the mission of conserving these aspects of our nation’s heritage.

The National Park Service has the lead responsibility for policy and direction of this effort. Despite destruction of many sites by both human and natural actions, six to seven million archeological sites that are afforded some level of legal protection are estimated to exist on public lands. The Federal Archeology Program focuses on archeological National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) and assisting local, state, and federal agencies with the management of archeological resources.

Over 40 archeological sites have been designated NHLs in the Northeast Region. Other landmarks have archeological components that contribute to their significance. The Federal Archeology Program undertakes studies to identify potential new archeological NHLs, monitors the condition of landmarks, provides assistance to owners on site or collection management issues, and participates in regulatory compliance processes involving NHLs.

Team working on excavating Shoop site in PA
Archeological test excavations at Shoop Site, Pennsylvania in conjunction with preparing a National Historic Landmark nomination.

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