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Whitehouse Ornaments

America’s national parks are the focus of this year’s elaborate White House holiday decorations.

The artist for our parks' ornaments is Steve Cassle of Dunbar, West Virginia. He painted three official White House ornaments for the Christmas tree used in the Blue Room, one each for Bluestone National Scenic River, Gauley National Recreation Area, and New River Gorge National River. Tamarack: The Best of West Virginia generously provided Mr. Dunbar with an artist's stipend to support the National Park Service's contributions representing the three national park lands of southern West Virginia.

All of the ornaments can be viewed at http://www.whitehouse.gov/slideshow/ornamentslides.html.

Christmas Ornament for Bluestone National Scenic River
Whitehouse Christmas ornament for Bluestone National Scenic River.
Whitehouse photo
Christmas Ornament for Gauley River NRA
Whitehouse Christmas ornament for Gauley River National Recreation Area.
Whitehouse photo
Christmas Ornament for New River Gorge NR
Whitehouse Christmas ornament for New River Gorge National River
Whitehouse Photo

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