• sun setting over the gorge

    New River Gorge

    National River West Virginia


forest and cliffs on the edge of the gorge

The rimrock pine community is one example of the diverse ecosystem found in the park

New River Gorge National River lies at the core of the largest remaining block of relatively unfragmented, mid-latitude forest in the world.

The gorge section of NRGNR supports the most diverse plant assemblage of any river gorge in the central and southern Appalachians. This is due, in part, to the moisture gradient extremes that exist between the rim and river.

The park provides critical habitat for abundant and diverse breeding populations of migratory birds (including the Cerulean warbler, a species in decline elsewhere in its range)

Also located in the park is the rare Appalachian Flatrock plant community which includes sedges, cedars and pines. This plant assemblage occurs on flat sandstone ledges along the New River and is dependent on the scouring caused by occasional flooding for its long-term integrity.

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Did You Know?

smallmouth bass

The New River is a very popular warm water fishery. The West Virginia state record for length of Smallmouth Bass - 25.5 inches and 7.5 lbs - was caught in the New River in 1976.