• sun setting over the gorge

    New River Gorge

    National River West Virginia

Natural Communities

Program Description
Students explore what human and natural communities are, who lives in each and how they depend on each other. They participate in several hands-on activities that help them to understand what a community is and how living things depend on each other to survive.

Available to schools in: Greenbrier, Monroe, Raleigh & Summers counties

Grade Level: 2nd

Program Length: 1 hour

Plants and animals at New River Gorge National River live together in communities.

Instructional Objectives:

1. define community

2. give an example of how plants and animals interact

3. state two ways that New River Gorge NR and people can protect natural communities

Pre-visit activities are:
Post-visit activities are:


WV Content Standards met:
English/Language Arts - RLA.2.3.1, RLA.2.3.2
Science/Technology - SC.2.2.1, SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.2, SC.2.3.3, SC.2.4.2, SC.2.4.5, SC.2.6.2

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