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Program Description
Students learn about adaptations. Students participate in several hands-on activities that help them to understand the special features that different animals have that helps each to survive. Using animal puppets and body parts as props, students identify the different tools that animals have for survival.

Available to schools in:
Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe, Nicholas, Raleigh & Summers counties

Grade Level:

Program Length:
1 hour

Living things have special tools for survival.

Instructional Objectives:

1. Understand adaptations as those special

2. Choose a living thing and name two of its special tools for survival

3. List one thing he or she can do to protect a wide variety of different animals


WV Content Standards met:
English/Language Arts - RLA.2.3.1, RLA.2.3.2
Science/Technology - SC.2.2.1, SC.2.3.1, SC.2.3.2, SC.2.3.3, SC.2.4.2, SC.2.4.5, SC.2.6.2

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