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  • Portions of Rend Trail closed for Bridge Repairs

    Portions of the Rend Trail, formerly known as the Thurmond Minden Trail, will be closed effective immediately due to safety concerns. More »

  • River Detours and Closures at the Thomas Buford Pugh Memorial Bridge

    The WV Department of Highways and the Federal Highways Administration is replacing the Thomas Buford Pugh Memorial Bridge on Route 41 in the town of Prince. Construction will require temporary full river traffic closures and long term river detours. More »

Water Quality

students monitoring water quality

Program Description
Students acquire a basic understanding of water resources and their importance. Students learn about the issues that threaten water resources, the sources of the problems, and the ways that they can help. Students learn through a variety of age-appropriate hands-on activities, games, and water testing.

Available at:
Burnwood, Canyon Rim, Glade Creek, Grandview, Sandstone Falls, and Thurmond

Grade Level:
2nd – 5th

Program Length:
1.5 hours

Background Material:
Water Quality Overview

Water is the liquid that sustains life and must be protected.

Instructional Objectives:

1. Identify what water is and state one reason why it is important

2. Describe two ways that water gets polluted

3. List three ways that we can take care of our water resources

Pre-visit activities:
The Magic School Bus at the Waterworks
Water Words
Create Your Own Water Cycle

Post-visit activities:
Personal Water Use
Water Quality Monitoring
Let’s Sing About Water

More Information:
Books to Share with Children
Additional Resources for Teachers


WV Content Standards met:

Science/Technology - SS.2.2.2, SC.2.2.5, SC.2.3.1, SC.2.6.2, SC.3.2.1, SC.3.2.4, SC.3.3.1, SC.3.6.3

Did You Know?

Historic Logging Railroad at Garden Ground

The New River Gorge was logged extensively thoughout the past century. The landscape is now recovering, with the park ecosystem returning to its more natural state, but there are still plenty of signs of the past activities.