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    New River Gorge

    National River West Virginia


cliffs and gorge
Endless Wall
Gary Hartley

Program Description
Students explore the types of rocks found in the New River Gorge and the rivers role in carving the landscape of today.

Available to schools in:
Fayette, Greenbrier, Monroe, Nicholas, Raleigh & Summers counties

Grade Level:
5th – 8th

Program Length:
1 hour

New River gorge geology shows the story of time.

Instructional Objectives:

1. List three types of rock found in the New River gorge and describe how they were formed

2. Describe land changes in the New River Gorge over time

3 List three ways that New River Gorge geology has affected human activity

Pre-visit activities:

Post-visit activities:


WV Content Standards met:
Science/Technology – SC.5.3.1, SC.5.4.18, SC.5.4.19, SC.5.4.21, SC.5.4.24

Did You Know?

Historic Logging Railroad at Garden Ground

The New River Gorge was logged extensively thoughout the past century. The landscape is now recovering, with the park ecosystem returning to its more natural state, but there are still plenty of signs of the past activities.