• Nez Perce National Historical Park. Front Page banner photograph is of Heart of the Monster, an ancient place where the Nez Perce creation story originates. The secondary page photograph is of Nez Perce beadwork.

    Nez Perce

    National Historical Park ID,MT,OR,WA


If you would like to request a park brochure, drop us an e-mail and we can send one out to you. If you would like a general introduction to Nez Perce National Historical Park, take a look at our visitor guide.

Brochures for Big Hole National Battlefield are available for download (Pdf):

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Lewis and Clark: Lewis and Clark Sites in Nez Perce National Historical Park (Adobe pdf 60 KB)

White Bird Battlefield Trail Guide (Adobe pdf 232 KB)

Tolo Lake Site Bulletin (Adobe pdf 127 KB)

Nez Perce Stories and the Power of Place (Adobe pdf 1.15 MB)

Spalding Trail System Map (Adobe pdf 182 KB)

Buffalo Eddy Site Bulletin (Adobe pdf 359 KB)

River Trail Guide at Spalding Site (Adobe pdf 386 KB)

Bird Guide for Spalding Site (Adobe pdf 465 KB)

Did You Know?

Original art work by Roy Anderson depicting Lewis and Clark meeting the Nez Perce for the first time.

In September of 1805 Lewis and Clark crossed into Nez Perce country. A debate ensued among the Nez Perce. Should they assist these strangers or attack them? A female Nez Perce elder, Wetxuuwíis (Wet-k'hoo-wees)urged her people to do them no harm. Her words were heeded; the expedition was welcomed.