• Nez Perce National Historical Park. Front Page banner photograph is of Heart of the Monster, an ancient place where the Nez Perce creation story originates. The secondary page photograph is of Nez Perce beadwork.

    Nez Perce

    National Historical Park ID,MT,OR,WA

A Park About a People For all People

Enfolding the traditional homeland of the Nez Perce, scenic river vistas and rolling mountains with ancient rock art speak to the creation of the Nez Perce. Wander the battlefields of the 1877 war and feel the sadness in the wind. Beginning in January, 2015 the park will be commemorating the 50 anniversary of its establishment. Stay tuned for special program information starting in January, 2015.

Did You Know?

Tolo Lake

For centuries the Nez Perce used Tolo Lake or Tepalewam as a gathering place. In June, 1877 the Wallowa Nez Perce paused here before their final move to the Reservation. Brooding over past injustices, warriors raided homes on the Salmon River, precipitating events that would trigger the 1877 War.