• Nez Perce National Historical Park. Front Page banner photograph is of Heart of the Monster, an ancient place where the Nez Perce creation story originates. The secondary page photograph is of Nez Perce beadwork.

    Nez Perce

    National Historical Park ID,MT,OR,WA

Weis Rockshelter

Weis Rockshelter

More than 8,000 years ago the ancestors of the Nez Perce first made this rock shelter their home. This small shelter is located near Cottonwood, Idaho and is close to the Salmon River, making it an ideal location because its proximity to major food sources and transportation routes. The shelter is not a cave, but a small niche in a wall of basalt. The shelter was continuously inhabited until about 600 years ago.

From 1961 to 1963, archeological excavations under the direction of Idaho State University archeologist B. Robert Butler were conducted here. These excavations were some of the first professional archeological work ever completed in Nez Perce country.

Did You Know?

Josiah Redwolf, the last survivor of the 1877 Nez Perce War in 1968 with the Big Hole Superintendent. NPS Photo NEPE-HI-3044.

Josiah Red Wolf was five years old when the 1877 war began. His parents were killed at the Battle of Big Hole in Montana. He returned to Big Hole at the age of 91 to help dedicate the new visitor center in 1968.