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Communities of Whaling Online Exhibit

A visitor spins an interactive panel in the Communities of Whaling exhibit

Community Pride
In September of 2010, the park opened a permanent installation in the Visitor Center of New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park. The exhibit, entitled Communities of Whaling, explores the connections between this city and five local ethnic communities whose roots trace back to whaling: African Americans, Cape Verdeans, Azoreans, Native Americans and West Indians. Visitors can explore how these cultures shaped the whaling industry and New Bedford itself by examining the forces that brought these people here, looking at their lives during the heyday of whaling, and hearing the personal stories of some of the individuals who made a mark on this region. The installation includes informational panels, interactive displays, film, audio, and a touch-screen exhibit.

Behind the Mansions Interactive Map (Click on the houses to explore a 19th-century New Bedford neighborhood)
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Faces of Whaling Flipbook
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Did You Know?

Liberty Hall with its 1795 bell, was an important meeting site for abolitionists in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Abraham Lincoln spoke in New Bedford on September 14, 1848, in Liberty Hall on William Street. At the time, he was a little-known congressman from Illinois plugging the election of Zachary Taylor.