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Trading Cards


William H. Carney, the first African American to earn a medal of honor.

New Bedford Historical Society, Carl Cruz Collection

54th Regiment Civil War Trading Cards
The park is offering free trading cards featuring figures of the Civil War who had ties to New Bedford. The ten cards are part of a series of 189 cards available at participating national parks throughout the northeastern United States while the National Park Service observes the Civil War 150th anniversary (2011-2015). Click the names below to learn more about a few of New Bedford's heroes.

Charles Douglass

Isaiah King

James Grace

Lewis Douglass

Robert Gould Shaw

Samuel Harrison

Tobey and Coggeshall Building

William Carney

William Jackson

William Powell

Did You Know?

Arrival of a party from Norfolk Virginia at League Island. Some members of this party wound up in New Bedford.

Between 1840 and 1860 some 300-700 escaped slaves were living in New Bedford. Frederick Douglass was among those who found freedom in New Bedford. He arrived in 1838 after escaping from Baltimore carrying another sailor's protection papers.