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Burnside Bridge Preservation Program (WASO)
List of Classified Structures
Cultural Landscape Inventory

The Office of Land, Resources, & Planning

List of Classified Structures

The LCS is a computerized inventory of all historic and prehistoric structures, in which the NPS has, or plans to acquire, any legal interest. These structures must have historical, architectural or engineering significance. Structures listed on the LCS must meet one of the following criteria: either the structure is listed individually or is eligible for the National Register or the structure is a contributing element of an historic site or district that is listed or is eligible for the National Register. In addition, the LCS includes other structures; -moved or reconstructed, and commemorative structures, and structures which have achieved significance within the last fifty years that are managed as cultural resources. All in all, there are over 3,000 historic structures listed on the LCS for NCR alone. Each structure has its own identification number and a two-page form associated with it. For each form, there are 100 data fields, which require detailed information about the structure. The types of structures found on the LCS range from a monument at MONO, a retaining wall at ANTI, a cabin at PRWI or the foundation ruins of a house at CHOH.

In 1995, the LCS team began to a second revision of the LCS, this time with an emphasis on the standardization of the data elements and identification of small-scale structures previously overlooked. The team is comprised of historians with experience in architectural history and/or historic preservation. Since 1995, the LCS team has revised all forms for CHOH, PRWI, ANTI, MONO and is currently in the process of modifying the forms for ROCR. Since January, they have begun to reevaluate the HAFE forms, an operation that should take only a few months to complete, at which time, the team will begin its survey of CATO.

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