Partners for Education title
Partners logo - school bus, cloud, and park signs..

"PARTNERS" stands for Potomac Area Rural Teachers Using National Education Resources for Students. Teachers and park rangers designed PARTNERSto provide teachers a means of using the national parks as dynamic classrooms.

Currently four parks participate in the PARTNERS project:

With PARTNERS activities you can teach social studies at places where historic events actually happeded and transform ecosystems into living laboratories for teaching science. PARTNERS lessons integrate other disciplines as well as actively engage students in learning about the rich cultural and natural resources which are litterally in their own backyards.

PARTNERS is a joint project with the four National Parks listed above, Shepherd College, and six school systems in three states: Frederick and Washington County Schools in Maryland, Clarke and Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia, and Berkeley and Jefferson County Public Schools in West Virginia.

Lessons are based on school curricula for 4th through 8th grade. Unlike most field trips, park rangers do not lead PARTNERS lessons. PARTNERS will provide you with the training, materialsa nd equipment you need for teaching activities at the parks yourself. Your creativity and expertise will transform the traditional field trip experience into an exciting field study and insure that it is coordinated with what your class is learning back at school.

Teacher Workshops are held every year and are free. For information on workshop dates and registration, contact each park directly or call your school system's social studies or science curriculum coordinator.