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Night view of the National Mall with the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument
The National Mall

Creation of the National Mall: 3rd grade. This program introduces students to the history and layout of the National Mall and its major landmarks.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial: 5th grade. This program looks at the contribution of Thomas Jefferson to the development of the United States and incorporates the symbolism of the Memorial to those contributions.

Washington Monument: 5th grade. This program examines the prominent role of George Washington in the establishment of the United States and includes a visit to the Monument built to honor the man and his accomplishments.

I Have a Dream: 5th grade, offered in January and February only. This program introduces students to Martin Luther King's famous speech and allows them to participate in a reenactment of that day at the Lincoln Memorial.

Speaking Out in Washington, D.C.: 5th grade. This program acquaints students with the freedoms provided all Americans by the First Amendment.

Lincoln Memorial: 8th grade. This program explores the character and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, emphasizing his presidency and how the Memorial reflects that legacy.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial: 8th-11th grades. This program uses art to explore two significant aspects of the Roosevelt administration - the Great Depression and the New Deal. Students can see how art tells the story of the Roosevelt presidency with a visit to the FDR Memorial.

Korean War Veterans Memorial: 8th-11th grades. This program looks at the situation surrounding the Korean War and its place in history. The Memorial serves as the starting point from which to gain a better understanding of the Korean War and why it is often called the "Forgotten War."

Vietnam Veterans Memorial: 8th-11th grades. This program examines the Vietnam War era and the creation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial as a healing tool.

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