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Monocacy National Battlefield Exhibition Kit, Grades 5-8

The Monocacy Exhibition Kit is designed to engage fifth-through eighth-grade students in an experimental exploration of the Civil War using the battle of Monocacy as a focus. The kit is free for the asking and is designed for one-, three-, or five-hour programs. The Exhibition Kit has two parts - a book container and a self-contained kit with a dolly. It requires a van or station wagon for safe transport. We cannot afford to mail the kit. Teachers must pick up and return the kit to the park. Loan time is approximately 2 weeks.

Additional Opportunities:

Monocacy offers tailor made education programs. Please contact the park directly to discuss options.

Union Living Historian explains the workings of a cannon during Battle Commemoration, July 2001

Monocacy is a participating member of the Partners for Education program.

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