Event Details

  • 02/16/2013

    Location: Natchez Trace Parkway Visitor Center, milepost 266 near Tupelo, MS | Map Time: 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Parkway Visitor Center Staff Contact Phone Number: 1-800-305-7417

Smith, a technological consultant who enjoys researching topics about science, agriculture, and Mississippi, will present the story of Prince Abdul-Rahman. In Africa, he was heir to a throne, in Natchez he was purchased as an enslaved person by a cotton and tobacco farmer. He eventually became the overseer of a plantation, was later freed, and returned to Africa.  

Smith has presented several popular programs at the Parkway Visitor Center in the past, including one on the Old Natchez District and one on the Barber of Natchez. In 2004, Smith published a book, Madness and the Mississippi Bonds, about the Mississippi bond scandal that became a worldwide cause célèbre in the decades immediately preceding the Civil War. For several years, he has led a walking tour of historic Faulkner sites during Ripley's annual Faulkner Festival.


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