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Controlled Burning Along the Natchez Trace Parkway 2008-2009

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Date: October 18, 2008

Controlled Burning along the Natchez Trace Parkway

The Natchez Trace Parkway has released its prescribed fire (controlled burning) schedule for 2008-2009.   From November 2008 through June 2009, prescribed fire operations will be conducted at various locations along the Parkway (See table below).

Prescribed Fire Name



Prescribed Fire



HWY 7 Access Islands

416.3- 415.7

MP 404 Burn Pile



Tobacco Farm


403.1- 401.4

ML Hiking Trails


387.4- 385.7

MP 386 Burn Pile


HWY 64 Access Islands

370.3- 369.9

MP 334 Burn Pile


Colbert Ferry

327.8- 327.0

MP 309 Burn Pile


HWY 25 Access Islands

303.6- 302.7

MP 283.1 Lease Tract


3B-4 Lease Tract

283.0- 282.7

3B-1 Lease Tract

282.7- 282.6

3C-23 Lease Tract


20 Mile Overlook

278.7- 278.3

3C-22 Lease Tract

278.2- 278.0

3C-21 Lease Tract

278.2- 278.0

3C-2 Lease Tract


Needs Center

266.7- 265.1

Headquarters East

266.5- 265.5

Headquarters West

266.4- 265.5

MP 266 Burn Pile


Old Town Overlook

264.3- 263.8

Cliff Gookin

259.2- 258.8


250.0- 249.5

Trace West-North

245.9- 243.2

Chickasaw Agency

241.6- 240.9

Trace East-South

236.7- 232.8

MP 231 Burn Pile


MP 219 Burn Pile


HWY 15 Access Islands

214.7- 213.5

MP 148 Burn Pile


River Bend

123.0- 122.5

MP 120 Burn Pile


Rocks Road

120.8- 118.2

Fish Farm

120.8- 117.4

Turcotte Lab

117.4- 114.8

HWY 43 Access Island

115.0- 114.7

Brown’s Landing

114.8- 114.0

West Florida Boundary

108.2- 107.8

Boyd Site

107.1- 106.6

Airport Road

83.3- 82.5

Rocky Springs Burn Pile


MP 17 Burn Pile


Mount Locust

16.9- 14.4




Prescribed fire is a useful and cost effective tool for managing the forests and grasslands that encompass the Parkway.  The benefits of using prescribed fire include reducing the buildup of dead woody material, decreasing the risk of catastrophic wildfire, perpetuating fire dependent vegetation, reducing exotic vegetation, providing habitat and forage for animals, and restoring the natural role of fire in a healthy ecosystem.     


During prescribed fire operations, smoke warning signs will be placed along the Parkway as a precaution.  Motorists should travel at a safe speed with headlights on when smoke is visible.  Please be aware of park rangers, firefighting personnel, and equipment along the roadway and mowline.  If visibility falls below 500 feet, the Parkway may be temporarily closed until smoke has cleared.


Some smoke may be visible for several days after initial prescribed fire operations have ended.


The Parkway has been utilizing prescribed fire since 1992.  Direction to utilize prescribed fire to achieve goals and objectives comes from the Parkway's Resource Management and Fire Management Plan.  The Federal Wildland Fire Policy of 2001 recommends that federal land management agencies within fire dependent communities continue to reintroduce and maintain fire as part of the ecosystem. 

Did You Know?

The view from Little Mountain, one of the highest points along the Natchez Trace Parkway.

The terrain along the Natchez Trace Parkway changes from 70 to 1,100 feet in elevation and passes through 5 degrees of latitude.