Lesson Plan

Scavenger Hunt

Warbler along the Natchez Trace Parkway
NPS Photo


The students will walk the trail and look for the items on their scavenger hunt sheet. The teacher will explain to the students that they are to look for the different items on the Scavenger Hunt BINGO Board (SHBB) during the walk. The students will carry a SHBB with a crayon. As they walk the trail, the students will compare what they see on the trail and match it to pictured items on SHBB. When the students see an item on their sheet, they are to put an X over the picture with the crayon.


Enduring Understanding: There are many different kinds of animals and plants and they may have different habitats.

Essential Question: How do various habitats differ?

The student will be able to identify and match eight different items found along a trail or in the out-of-doors with pictures on their Bingo board.


The Natchez Trace is part of the National Park Service. The NPS preserves and protects all natural elements within the park. Please do not allow students to take anything away from the park while on the trail, including leaves or sticks. It is important that students stay on the paved path to avoid getting poison ivy. Also, the students will be outside in the natural habitat of snakes and insects.


1.) Bingo Board

2.) Crayon, tape, and a piece of yarn long enough to attach the crayon to the board


Student Task: Each student will receive a BINGO board from the teacher. The students will carry the boards. While on the trail, when the students see an animal, plant, etc. that is on their BINGO board, they are to draw an X over that picture. All of the boards are the same, but the students may or may not see all of the items pictured.

Student Instruction:

1.) The students will walk down a trail and look for the real version of the picture on their boards.

2.) When they match the real with the picture, they will put an X over the pictures on their BINGO boards.

3.) The students can only mark over each picture once.

4.) After Closure, at the end of the trail, the students will give the boards back to the teacher.

Teacher Closure: Review the boards as the trail is completed. Point out actual examples of each picture. Explain to the students how important it is that we protect our natural environment and respect the animals that live in it. Tell the students to look in their backyard at home for some of the same animals or plants they saw on the trail.


The students are assessed on their markings on the BINGO boards and the discussion. The teacher can grade according to accuracy and/or participation.

Park Connections

Makes students aware of the animals, plants, and habitats that can be found along the Natchez Trace.


The teacher could set up a ranger led nature walk.


Habitat, environment